Sunday, June 10, 2012

Light the Way!

I had originally planned to hit up an outdoor music festival today with a girlfriend but she had to bail last minute and then of course it decided to pour, so I spent the day shopping and running errands.

I really wanted to find some lanterns for the back deck so I decided to hit up HomeSense  on the way home.  My criteria was simple:

1. Had to be black
2. Medium sized so that they were substantial enough to put off a fair bit of light but not too big that they would be too overwhelming on the table if people were talking over one another.
3. There had to be at least 2 matching ones.

A lot harder than you think to get all three check marks!  While they had a ton of lanterns, most of them were GINORMOUS, colorful (greys, whites, blues) and of course only one of each that I liked.

But I lucked out on the last shelf I looked and found these beauties:

(excuse the crummy shots, there's a thunder storm outside so bleak and dreary outside and in!)

Simple in styling, they are actually FLAMELESS lanterns, which I wasn't looking for, but I actually kinda like!
At $14.99 each, I couldn't pass them up!!
The candles actually flicker like a real candle and I don't have to worry about forgetting them lit, and burning down the house!

Since it's disgusting outside and is suppossed to be tomorrow as well, I couldn't wait to show them off, so I decided they'd look pretty great on our dining table.

The whole look here is a lot more formal than I typicallygo for, but I really like it.

The tray is a gorgeous Princess House oil rubbed bronze scrolly tray with floral etched glass and the pretty little Cyclamen plant was a gift from my mom who was here on Thursday.

Works well with the reds and oranges with the painting behind it!

For a spot that I don't really love (table and chairs need updating and I've been waiting for someone to switch out that light fixture for 2 years now....) I actually am pretty happy with this little arrangement today.

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