Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Fence, The Final Stage - Staining!

Cory had the weekend off and we had no plans so it was a perfect weekend to get our fence painted stained!

Here's what it looked like as of a couple weeks ago:
Pretty much exactly the same as we left it last year....

Our area is pretty strongly Architecturally controlled so while we had a choice of 3 different fence styles, we had to stain it a specific color (Cloverdale's Beige Grey), which was the same color the developer had already painted the back fence onto the main road.  Which was fine since we really didn't mind the color.

It actually matches pretty bang on with the color of our siding.

We only went with 1 coat cause I thought the coverage looked good and I loved the color. 

Although, looking at it here now, it's quite a bit lighter than the back fence.... that was built over three years ago so I am fine with the difference.  Which, to be honest, we didn't really notice when we were out there, since there's a lot off shade along the back anyhow.

When I hit up the paint store, I went without any measurements at all. So I wasn't sure how much I would need and just got them to mix up 2 gallons. We were really close, but Cory's pretty "liberal" with the paint so we did run out.  He went to get more but they had closed and of course aren't open Sundays... :(

We have 3 panels left to finish, as well as the tops of the fence and the gate.  I think we're also gonna use that color and finish up the exposed posts and wood on the deck.  I was originally going to paint them in a light brown to match the trex-decking that the used on the top part of the skirt, but not the whole thing.  (Don't get me started, that was a big fight I had with the builder...)

It'll just really help lighten everything up down there on the lower patio.

We haven't decided yet if we're going to just visit Home Depot and get them to color match so we can finish tomorrow.  Or Cory might use his Monday and Tuesday off and just finish himself so that we can ensure consistency.

Overall, I am really happy with how it looks!

One thing I am slightly confused about is how the product we were using can be classified as "stain"?  It's creamy, goes on opaque and looks just like paint.  Anyone know the difference?

How did you spend your Saturday??

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