Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hanging Around

Wow!  It's been a busy week!  We've been getting random bits and bobs of things that need to get done tackled which has been FANTASTIC!! 

Cory has had a sudden urge to be handy (probably inspired by our late 40-something police officer neighbour who we call Mr. Do It All) and you'll hear no complaints from me about that!  :)

Tonight's task was to tackle hanging the curtain rod we picked up for the large window in the Master Bedroom.  You see, we got the wood blinds when we moved in (3 years ago this month) but the light seemed to sneak in right where they ended, bounce off the glossy white window sills and hit me smack dab in the eye when I lay in bed.  NOT condusive to trying to get a good night sleep.

A few months ago, I grabbed the only pair of drapes we had kicking around (Ikea from my first apartment) and tacked the up.  Yes, literally TACKED them up:

It was originally meant as a temporary solution to stop the light from sneaking in, and of course, see if the curtains would work up here.  But as things seem to happen around here, they stayed like that for quite some time, until this week.  We had a bit of a windstorm, but I insisted on keeping the windows open so half the one side had fallen.

Yikes, I can't believe I was living with that either...

Anyhow, this weekend I decided it was high time for us to pick up a curtain rod.  I had a white one in mind, but happened to come across 50% all curtain rods at a local fabric store and the only one that peaked my interest was a thick black one, so I figured we could work with it... Or eventually paint it our if we needed to.

After work, we got to work hanging our FIRST EVER CURTAIN ROD!!  Yup, I am totally serious.  We've only ever had blinds as I can never find curtains I love!

You'll see here that Cory mistakenly hung the brackets matching up with the window casing, which has since been fixed.
Weird how small this window looks in photos!

WOW!!  I bet I am the only person who realizes how much a difference this makes.
Of course, these aren't the curtains that I plan on keeping.  They are just the only ones I have on hand, so we're working with them.

Love the classic look of the rectangular finial!

This photo is really actually quite bad and makes me realize all the stuff I need to attend to:

1. Obviously find new curtains
2. Paint the patched spot under the window
3. Either find a second ottoman for under the window or relocate that one so it doesn't look so wimpy.
4. Get 2 matching flameless taper candles from Restoration Hardware for those lovely candlestick holders.
5. Paint out those red sticks to white and possibly just relocate the vasse entirely.
6. Designate a spot in the house for Cory's gym bag that seems to make it into soooo many house photos!

and of course the biggest question of all:

7. Does the second, much smaller window need a rod and curtain as well??

I am seriously thinking YES!

So I will have to track down a smaller version of the rod for the other window on that wall and of course, find me some curtains, but overall, I am happy with the slow and steady small transformations that are taking place!

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