Friday, August 20, 2010

"Smoke Screen"

Well, I was hoping to get some stuff done on the lower patio tomorrow and Sunday, but looks like my plans will be changing because of this:

Yeah, that's what it's been like outside since yesterday and it's expected to continue through the weekend :(

Oh, and I guess I should mention that it's not FOG, which is what my original thought was.  Nope, it's SMOKE.  As in from the ginormous forest fires they are fighting in BC!!

Yesterday, there was an Air-Quality warning issued for the city.  Today it has been changed to "fair", but it's still pretty bad.

Oh, and we had a few windows that were left open all day yesterday... needless to say it stunk a little of campfires in the house last night :(   Anyone know the best way to get rid of smoke smells when you can't air it out?
My apologies for being a little random lately.  Trying to launch the business has taken a lot out of me.  Plus, there was my unexcused week-long vacation.

I'm feeling energized and eager to tackle some things around the house as the weather starts to turn cool.  I've got tons planned for the next few weeks:
~ finally getting around to wallpapering the powder room
~ sourcing out new art and possibly a table for the front entry way
~ styling the front porch for fall
~ swapping out the rear deck and patio light fixtures
~ professional carpet cleaning - BEFORE & AFTERS
~ living room re-do: inspiration board / new sofa ideas
~ plus a few furniture before & afters!
So stay tuned for that!!


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