Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inkling for (New) Ikea Items!

While I have yet to get my hands on an actual copy of the new
The Birkeland  3-drawer chest is so pretty and actually looks like it has an antique vibe to it.  It would be great in pretty much any room!  I like it more and more each time I see it.  While it's hard to tell, the hardware looks fine, but could be changed out for something else (Anthro maybe?) if it was a little cheap looking....

I have this ARYD candleholder in mercury glass... the black is a nice, simple piece that I'm pretty sure I NEED!

This pretty pink glass LONSBODA scented candle in glass holder looks so feminine and vintage!!  LOVE THIS!! Would look great on that chest from above I think!!  When the candles gone, use it again and again for candles or even as a pretty bud vase!

The graphic black and white TRIPP canister set is only $4.99 and exactly what I need for my office, which I am working on currently!  Too cute for holding pens and pencils!
Lastly, while not NEW, I still need to pick up one a few of these UNG DRILL frames!  I have a hundred different ideas of what I would use them for!

How about you?  Anything you are loving from the new catalogue?

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eb said...

I love the purple candle holder! so pretty!! and the black frame! I'd love to make something like this with it