Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Shots

Well folks, yesterday my dear Cory went and took some photos of our house. It has gone up surprisingly quickly and unfortunately, we never got a "hole in the ground" photo :(

But here it is, as of yesterday:

Here's the first photo that he took, driving up the street. That's our backyard. Yup, we're the only one on that street thus far. This is the street our deck will look onto, since we have a walk-out basement. At least we won't have to look directly into other people's yards.

While it's starting to look like a real house, there's still lots to do - see all that wood??

Very cool. I was really pleased to see that the site is looking so clean!! There wasn't a Tim Hortons coffee cup laying on the ground, anywhere in sight!!!

It looks weird and kinda small, without all the siding, and actual windows and stuff. But it's coming up so quickly, it's making me beyond excited!

I'm glad to see we actually have a nice-sized lot. Thus far, also no neighbours. Which might be a bad thing, as I'd like to get a fence up soon, to accomodate our future puppy!
The main floor looks to be all framed, and they should be starting the upper level, especially with today being such a beautiful day!!!

You'll have to bear with me, as there will probably lots of progress photos coming, but I am beyond excited, so you'll just have to deal ;)

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