Friday, February 26, 2016

Roman Numeral Ring

I've been pretty much wearing this ring every day since I got it!

If you haven't checked out Olive & Piper yet, you need to go NOW!!   They have some of the prettiest/cutest stuff around, the quality is wonderful and the pricing is super reasonable!

They also have a bangle which I am seriously considering as well....  There's something just so classic and timeless about this style!

I accidentally ordered this ring small and it really only fits on my Wedding Ring finger, which is fine but I've had a few people ask me about the meaning, assuming it's a wedding band.  It's obviously not, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of doing that - putting the wedding date in Roman Numerals!!!
(excuse the ugly hands and the fact that I badly need a mani...)


The light was really nice today so I had a ton of fun taking photos of this pretty piece!!
Unlike a lot of my other pieces, this one isn't too girly and was super fun to shoot!
What are your favorite every day jewellery picks?

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