Friday, August 21, 2015

Wantable Intimates: August 2015 Review

Okay doke, I've finally got a free evening and got some pictures taken so I could post my latest reviews.  Last week was a full week for me, with lots of packages arriving daily, so without further ado, let's get to it!

Wantable is a subscription service with a couple different options:  Intimates, Accessories, Makeup.  Plus, a few new Editing options:  Fitness, Style and a Men's option (these aren't available in Canada...yet... so I haven't had the option to test these out!)

This box is the Intimates box, which sends 3-4 pieces ranging from loungewear, socks, intimates, lingerie and tanks.

Cost:  $36.00/month (subscribers get a $4.00 credit with each order)  ** As a Canadian, with the exchange rate and all that jazz, I do technically pay closer to $50/mth.

Shipping:  US- Free; Canada- $7.00; International - $10.00

You get to create a Style Profile that let's you identify the items you Love/Like/Dislike. 
 Here's a look at my Style Profile options:

Here's a brief description of the items included in my box:

Pajama Drama Coral Tank with Lace Trim

This tank is a nice soft cotton.  I really like the cute coral and white polka dot pattern and the lace trim detail is a nice touch.  I like that it is a longer length, which is great for lounging and getting cleaning tasks done around the house.  My only complaint is that even though this tank LOOKS like it was gonna be a little baggy, it's still a little snug around my midsection.  However, I feel like this is more a reflection that I need to get back working out!  ;)
Valued at: $21.00 (I feel this is a bit high for a sleep tank though...)
Per Lei Intimates Spring Fling Bottoms
Until I read the info card, I actually thought these were a coordinating item, but they aren`t even by the same brand, so kudos to my stylist for choosing items that coordinate together nicely!  I love a comfy pant for lounging around the house and while I think these are technically a capri style pant, they are the perfect length for a shorty like me!  They are lightweight which is nice cause I never like to be too warm and have a cute little bow detail at the bottoms.
Valued at $16.00
I really love how these two pieces coordinate together.


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Tank  
Okay, so this tank is exactly something that I would buy.  The one gripe I have with it is that the cotton isn`t as soft as I would like... maybe some washing will soften it up.  I love the racerback style and stripes, it is however a little sheer so if I was to wear this outside of the house, I would have to take that into consideration.  But this color way is perfect for me!
Valued at $16.00


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Short
 I was originally on the fence about the pattern on here, but I actually really like it for loungewear.  They are super cute and fit nice.  I like that there is a drawstring waist for any nights where I have a big dinner or for keeping the neighbours from seeing my butt when I am doing yard work... haha

Valued at $16.00 

Overall Thoughts:
This was a nice box.  I liked that they listened to my notes and sent me the style of items I asked for!  While it may not be my favorite box, I will definitely use all four pieces and am happy with the fit.  Also, all 4 pieces are in coordinating colorways, so I can mix and match them and not look totally CRAZY!!   Here is a peek of the coral tank with floral shorts:

The overall value of the box is $69.00 which is not the highest valued box I have ever gotten from Wantable, so I am a little disappointed in that, considering the cost that we pay to ship to Canada.  But I do like all the items, so I`m still happy with the box.

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