Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Addition: Master Bedroom Edition

Last week, I came across a steal of a deal and couldn't pass it up! While I wasn't actually in the market for a new upholstered bench, I essentially snagged this one for FAH-REE so I couldn't NOT bring it home with me! 

You see, I've been working part time at a local home goods retailer for the past few months. I happened to notice that this beauty was marked down from $180 to $99! As an employee, we also have the ability to earn "dollars" towards our purchase, up to half the cost of the item! I had more than enough to pay for half the bench and wouldn't you know it - I already had a gift card that I had won at a charity event, making this baby FREE!

What's even better? I absolutely ADORE this piece! It's worked everywhere I've put it, so far! 
 When we put it together, we originally set it up in the dining room, which was absolutely perfect!

Not only did it look great, but it was very functional. My main floor is setup as one large room and putting the bench between the dining room and living room means it's perfect for pulling into the living space when I have guests over! However, we have some guests under the age of 3 coming this weekend and white linen really wasn't a great option, so I moved it up to my bedroom for the time being and absolutely love it there too! 

It actually looks really nice in this little window alcove. I originally planned on refinishing a vintage chair that's sitting in my basement for this space, but now I am loving the bench! 
So far, we've managed to avoid getting this thing dirty, but I have to admit that since it's spring and someone's paws are exceptionally dirty, we've been keeping things under cover. But, it apparently is Teflon coated, so I'm sure with 3 pets, I'll be putting that to the test soon enough. :)

The legs are super traditional but it works really well in this house

These photos do NOT do the fabric justice. It is definitely white, NOT cream!  But sadly, working so much, limits my time frame for taking some good shots! Plus, I've somehow lost both of my cameras sd cards....  :( 

Oh, and since I wanted to add a little something to the bench but didn't have any free toss cushions, I added this beautiful handmade quilt. A fiend of my mom's made it for me and it is gorgeous!  Here is a closer shot of the pretty fabric! 

So while I wasn't looking to add more furniture in this space, I am super happy with the new addition! 
Stay tuned tomorrow as we've made another change in this space!

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