Thursday, April 17, 2014

Light the Way: Master Bedroom Update

Yesterday I mentioned that I had made another little update to the Master Bedroom and it's one I am super excited about! You see, a few years back, I purchased a great light fixture at an amazing price over at Home Sense and the ex said he would hang it, over and over and over.....

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and it was still sitting in the office waiting to be hung. Thankfully, I had someone come over and give me a hand with hanging it!  You can't imagine how happy I was to get rid of this boob light.

Since electrical stuff frightens me, I'm not even going to pretend that I did the work myself, so this is by no means going to be a tutorial.

But it is a reveal so here's the after:

Sooooo pretty!  Even the pattern it creates on the ceiling is pretty! It's been installed for a few weeks and I'm really happy with how it looks. The only downfall is that the bulb situation is different and less bright, but that's what happens when you put a dining room fixture in the bedroom.

Instead of regular bulbs it takes these chandelier bulbs, which are slightly more annoying to buy.

My favourite thing is how well the fixture coordinates with other elements in the space: the diamond pattern that's repeated in the bedding, which coordinates with the slightly Moroccan styled shape on the stencilled wall! 

(The color of the bedding looks weirdly purple here, which is odd since it perfectly matches the walls...) 

So that's where the room is at right now. I will try and get some good daylight photos this weekend since I finally have some days off for Easter.

What new additions have you made lately? 

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