Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Target Comes to Edmonton!

I was a little surprised this morning when a co-worker called and said "Did you know Target opened today?"   WWHHHHATTTT??

I mean, I had been talking about it for MONTHS!!  Pretty much mentioning to everyone who would listen, how excited I was to finally be able to snag the same sort of cute/gorgeous/fun/inexpensive
home décor/fashion/shoes etc.  that "all my blog friends" are always posting about!  We had signed up for the email notification and everything.  Then, of course I find out there was a launch last night.... a little disappointed we hadn't heard a thing!

So needless to say, I counted down the minutes til I could leave work and check it out.  Needless to say, it was packed! 

However, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  It's possible I had hyped things up too much in my head, and perhaps a lot of the types of things I was interested in (home décor mostly) had been snatched up, as there were many empty shelves, but it seemed to be lacking the "name brands" that I associated with Target.  Yes, there was a few Nate Berkus pieces and Simply Shabby Chic bedding, but that was pretty much it. 

Granted, I didn't tour the entire store just the two departments I was most interested in, as once I saw the line, I knew there was no way I was waiting around to buy anything.  But it felt very much like the now-gone Zellers.  Albeit, with a few fancier Target brands.

However, I did manage to snag a few shots of some pieces I AM interested in!  :)

They of course have a wonderful selection of glass lamp bases, but I knew that thanks to  
In addition the glass, they also had mercury glass and that gorgeous rusticy-wood base that was very men's-club/Restoration Hardware-y.  I am probably gonna go back and pick up a pair.  I don't know for where yet, but I like them enough to buy them without a plan!
Of course, they had the new honeycomb vases that everyone's been snatching up.  I didn't realize there were 3 different sizes, but I have more vases than I'll ever need, so none came home with me.
I absolutely LOVED these huge baskets with chalkboard labels (they also had a medium size), but I couldn't justify paying $49.99 for something I was just gonna put throw blankets in.  So I may need to knock-off my own...
I was quite taken with this huge white skeleton key and am kind of regretting not picking it up as they only had one.  I think it might be just what I've been looking for, in the front entrance.  I think it's kind of elegant and romantic but still rustic/French country, which sets a nice tone for the rest of the house.
Who doesn't love this cute grey chevron slipper chair?
I wish it hadn't been so high up on a shelf so I could have gotten a better picture and maybe even sat on it!
My happiest find was probably these dining chairs!  At $79.99 they are exactly the right price range I am looking for!  But I am not entirely sure they are the right colors, but I will definitely keep an eye out for fabrics betters suited to our space.   Especially in the tufted style!
  ( I can always add my own nailhead trim )  :)
I was also pretty pleased to find these Fieldcrest sheets.  They feel so smooth and soft, come in amazing colors like this moody chacoaly grey and deep teal color (my Blackberry camera did NOT capture the true colors at all).   The best part?  They say they fit up to a 20" mattress so we're hoping we might be able to squeeze them onto our 22" one.
The new Threshold line features the amazing Pintucked Duvet sets that everyone has, but in new (dark) colors like this gorgeous deep teal, grey and dark eggplant.  If I thought I could cram my ginormous duvet in one of these, I would have snatched it up then and there!
If quite taken with this mirror.  It's the perfect mix of Masculine (rustic wood and metal finish) and Feminine (curved edges and panes).  If I had a space that was in need of a mirror, this would have come home with me.... in fact, I'm not so sure it won't!
These Captain's mirrors are everywhere and again, I like the masculine vibe!
These are just a few things I was interested in.  Did any of you locals visit your nearest store?  How bout those of you who are Target regulars, any special pieces you recommend I try and track down?


Farquist said...

Apparently Target is having a problem with stocking certain
products that don't have french on them.
As soon as they get the french addition on the labels,
these products will be in the store.

Be sure to check back in a bit.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Hmmm.... that's actually something I never thought about. Really good to know. I definitely will! Actually, who am I kidding - I've already been back! :)

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

Great roundup! I just went back to Target on the weekend and bought a pair of animal print pumps for $30! They're super comfy (: