Thursday, May 23, 2013

High v.s. Low: Classy Flip flops

The other day, I realized that I didn't have any "nice" flip flops to wear with a sundress when we went out. I'd actually thrown away a ton of stuff at the end of last summer and then (whoops) forgot to stock up when all the summer clearances happened.  So off to the mall we went....

My goal was to find a pair of simple flip flops that were nice enough not to look like I'd just come from the beach, but still casual enough to be like that amazing pair of flats that look good with everything in your closet!

In my head, I was picturing these:

Yup, the dreamy Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Thora Flip flops I love everything about them.  They're simple, but with the tumbled leather and the iconic gold logo, so classy.  Priced at $125, they're certainly not off-limits, but I'm ridiculously rough on shoes and I'm lucky if they ever last more than one season, so come on, you can always do better right?

Which is what I did!

Our first (and only stop) ended up being Aldo which is where I buy most of my shoes, to be honest.  I actually ended up trying on a ton of different styles, but of course I either didn't like something, or they didn't end up having my size.  Luckily, there was one style that fit the bill:

Yup, they're pretty darn similar!  I mean, these are synthetic, but I would have paid a little more if they'd had the real leather version.  Of course, the medallion is just decorative not a status symbol, but they're pretty darn close if you ask me.  Oh yeah, and they were $35.00!!   Way cheaper than some of the more "casual" looking options they had.  

In the past, I have bought plain leather strapped ones (in every color they had) for around $70, and worn them until they've either fallen apart or ripped so badly on the foot bed that they became painful to wear, so I wish they had done these in the leather, but for the price, I am now kicking myself for not getting a backup pair.  Plus, I wish I had picked up a pair in the 3 other colors they offered.... Guess I know where I'll be this weekend!

Have you scored any great deals lately?  How about some Designer-Inspired pieces?  

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