Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finally Finished: Bamboo Stools!

Wow!  This was a project that I started far too long ago to just be finishing up.  No, it wasn't hard or that I hadn't started it..... in fact, I can't even tell you why it took so long, it just did.  But boy am I ever glad it's done!

Here's what the stools looked like the day I picked them up this winter (there are two, but for some reason, I only have a pic of one..)

There were two broken areas, and the paint had peeled and the wrapping was coming undone in one corner.

Nothing a little glue gun couldn't fix!

A few coats of primer, and a few coats of Krylon Gloss in Bright White and we have this:

They actually aren't as glossy as I originally wanted, which is weird but I think I prefer them a little matte afterall.

Here's  what the room looks like right now.  We haven't done anything to the room since we moved in and will be working on an update very soon.

What's in store for this space? 
An upholstered headboard, all new linens, new lamps, possibly a wall treatment(?), window treatments and a new chandelier! 

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