Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet (Scented) Score

This afternoon, I hit up Costco for the first time in MONTHS!! The last few times I had been there, I had been scrounging for some Reed Oil Diffussers that all my friends had apparently been snatching up there! Unfortunately, all I could find were candles (which, yes, I did buy)

Low and behold, on today's visit, I hit the jackpot!!! The three-pack was there! It was also only $20.00 , which is unbelieveable, since regularly 1 sells for around $25.00!!

The gift pack had Peach Mango, White Lily, and Sweat Pea! I've currently got one sitting on the bathroom counter, and cannot wait for the smell to start wafting through the house!!!
Tell me, what products do you use to scent your home??? What are your fave scents???

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