Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can you hear me now???

Having been without full-time employment, I was trying to keep the shopping to a minimum. But last week, we had to make our first home purchase in quite some time. You see, with looking for a job and all, I was getting a lot of phone calls. The only problem? Unintentionally, I was hanging up on prospective employers!!!! (GASP!!)

We had 5 cordless phones in the house. Now, keep in mind, we have a funny layout and are spread out over 4 stories.... 3 of the phones were an expandable set, the other two were both independent handsets. Well, a while back, I accidently hit something on one phone, and from then on, two of the phones would ring as normal. When you hit "TALK " though, the line would go dead!!

Of course, from then on, it just so happened that ever time the phone would ring, it'd only be one of those handsets that was around..... SHEESH!!

So, after much frustration, last week, I headed out to pick us up another set of phones! I was pretty disappointed to see that despite declining use of house phones, with the popularity of cell phones - these things don't come cheap.

So, just over $100.00 later, I came home with a set of 3 Panasonic handsets to add to our tribe. YAY!!! No more hangups!

We also now have one in almost every room - The kitchen, living room, guest and masterbedrooms, master bathroom (a little weird, yes, but I was too lazy to find a power bar for my nightstand), garage (might be a bum handset....) and loft.

My question is, how may phones do you have in your house?? Where are they kept? How big's your home?? Do you find you can never find a phone??

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