Thursday, May 21, 2009

So this weekend, while enjoying a 5day long weekend together, I dragged Cory out to do some furniture browsing for pieces for the new house.

Last week, I posted here about some pieces that I was considering as a media component stand. Well, we had a chance to go out and look at them and have Cory actually voice his opinion on them.

Thankfully, I think we found a winner!!!!

The Plantation Flat Screen stand from Pier 1 was PERFECT!!!! I absolutely LOVED IT!! Not only that, but Cory really liked it as well!!

It met the following Must-Have criteria:

~Must not look like a media piece, moust resemble a piece of furniture

~ must be relatively tall - like sideboard height

~ must be able to close-up or hide media components

~ dark wood

It was also a bonus that:

~it offered some space for decorative item storage

~ is available here in the city

~ had sliding doors instead of cupboard-style, which allows us to open it when we're using the media components, and close it up when not in use; but the slated doors might work BOTH WAYS!!

The only downside?? The Price tag!! At almost $900.00, it's more than we are wanting to spend. Thankfully, Cory is convinced that he can make me something comparable..... or possibly, we could ask my mom!!!

Anyhow, just wondering if anyone knows somewhere we can get either this piece, or an identical one, here in Canada, for cheaper!!

Let me know please - it's our ideal piece!!

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