Monday, July 6, 2015

Lucky Find

I have a gf who is pretty lucky. Like, she wins things all the time: 3 TVs, a trip to Nashville, 2 rounds of golf, gift certificates to restaurants... That kind of stuff. It's just her thing!

I on the other hand, not so much....

That is, until yesterday! 

You see, back in the fall I think it was, Indigo  came out with those stunning gold wishbones.  (They're no longer available, but I've had the image saved since they came out) 

But of course, I couldn't bring myself to shell out the $50 bucks. Especially since the "gold" seemed to be peeling off all of the ones I'd seen in store.  And so I waited.... And waited for decor accessories to go on sale, and everytime they did, the darn thing was SOLD OUT! 

Then of course they stopped carrying it, and my heart went sad.  I'd finally resolved myself to the fact that owning that wishbone was just not in the cards for me. 
Then, yesterday I was perusing my local HomeSense store for nothing in particular , when on a second pass thru the store (and an aisle I failed to go down previously), low and behold, there she was: 

Only prettier, in silver and bigger!!
 I snatched that baby up and immediately granbed for the price tag, figuring that it would maybe be half the price of my former love. Well I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw "$7.99" on the tag and placed that bad boy into my cart, whipping my head around to make sure no one was going to try and steal it from me!  
When I got home I had two possible places for it: displayed on the coffee table or hanging on the wall.  Since my coffee table is a glass-top, it really would have required a stack of coffee table books underneath to really stand out and I dont have any wide enough, so the wall it was! 
What started out as a collection of vintage looking white painted frames in my stairwell had turned into a gallery wall of fun, beautiful, whimsical things I love.   The perfect place for my lucky wishbone! 

I'm wishing I had taken a few more photos when the light was better.  The one below was actually taken with my phone instead of my camera and I love it much better!
Turns out, patience is a virtue and the waiting game paid off for me!
Love my new wishbone!

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