Monday, December 22, 2014

Golden Tote Review: December 2014

Howdy folks! In keeping with the theme of opening <s>brown paper packages tied up in string</s> parcels that came every single day this week, here's another one! 

My <a href="">Golden Tote</a> and I am so happy with it. How it works is that you get to choose between a $49.00 or $149.00 tote.  For the $49 one, you choose one item and they surprise you with 1-2 additional items. In the $149 tote, you choose 2 items and they surprise you with up to 5 more items!! 

This is only my 2nd tote but my first one worked out pretty well. I had a few items in the first one that didn't fit that great so I made some comments about my for preferences this time and all the items this time, fit! 

Since there was so much I loved for December, I actually also bought a few additional items so this tote was larger than a regular one would be. I'll make sure to identify each item! 

Each order comes packed in a "Golden Tote" and each month's is different. The tote this month was super cute and holiday themed!! Love it!! 

Let's are what was inside shall we? 

Happy New Year Dress

This gorgeous Skies are Blue dress had me as soon as I saw the first spoiler shot! The ivory dress is just soooo pretty. It's nicely lined, so you don't have to worry about it being too sheer, plus it comes with it's own jewlery in the form of that beautiful jewelled neckline! I love the pretty almost batwing style sleeves as well. I tried it on with a pretty glittered woven belt from Target and almost wore it last night to my Christmas party!  Love! Super happy with this, plus it fits perfectly!  

Home For the Holidays Dress
Okay, how amazing is this patterned dress? It's another Everly sweater dress and since I loved the one I got in last month's tote so much, I could pass up this one in some of my fave colors! I really like this dress. Only issue was a weird "flaw?" on one side where I think the stitching maybe wasn't straight... So I may see if my tailor (or me?) can just sew it a little more fitted. Lined as well so you feel nice and covered. Good with leggings or bare legs! 

Surprise Item #1

I can not believe how much I love this top from Le Lis. I had some issues with the sleeves on some of last months tops being too tight on my apparently chubby arms so I noted this and asked for clothes that aren't so body conscious as I work towards losing some weight and I feel like they chose this top with my comments in mind! 

Firstly, the fabric of this is amazing, stretchy and amazingly soft, my arms had no issues. Then there is that amazingly patterned/textured bodice part  that is nice and drapey and long so it covers my trouble area! Now let's talk about the sheer portions! I want to show you the back as well so you can see how well this fits! 

The cut-away is so perfect in creating a flattering fit, plus kinda totally pretty too right? This is gonna be great for work with some slim black pants! LOVE! 

Surprise Item #2
Another great top from Le Lis. Super soft, stretchy, drapey and nice and long! I wasn't sure about it when I took it out of the box but putting it on changed everything!  This will be great with leggings too I think. 

Surprise Item #3
Admittedly, a little underwhelmed with this top. Just a feathered cream scoop neck long sleeve. The fabric is a nice jersey but other than that, not too exciting. But I will wear it as a nice layering piece under a couple vests I have. I've never worn Naked Zebra brand stuff so I would be interested in trying out something with a bit more personality. 

Surprise Item #4
This slouchy black with metallic flecks cocoon like sweater is probably the only complete miss for me. The fit is awkward on this. As are having short sleeves. The pockets are super small too so I will most likely just have this as a house sweater. Not suitable for going out. 

Surprise Item #5
I haven't made up my mind yet about this sweater. I know these are auper populae right now. I just can't decide if it's for me or not. I'll probably wear it out shopping with jeans. There's nothing wrong with it, and it fits but it is also a bit heavier and I get so warm so ony a few places I can wear this without dying. I'm leaning towards liking it. 

Additionally added items:
Skies are Blue Merry Metallic Top
I always really like tops like this. I can wear them to work with dress pants or with jeans and heels for a girls night. The sheer portion at the yoke breaks it up and makes it a little more fun. The hem is a little shorter than I typically wear so probably some higher waisted pants with this, but fits nice otherwise.

Skies are Blue Tis The Season Dress
Pictures truly do not capture how cute this dress is! The fabrics on this dress are definitely upscale and it was the only item that came packed separately, wrapped in tissue. The bodice fits perfectly and then the striped skirt is a true ladylike skirt and has a nice amount of volume to it! I also love that it has pockets!! The zipper is metal so my only thing is that it can be sticky. But I look forward to having an event to wear this to! 

Overall, I was super happy with this tote and all my picks and most of my surprise items. I am a little worried that the items they are suggesting for me are on the more neutral side/ preppy side as I don't recall choosing that style profile and the pick items for me have all been colorful, feminine pieces so I might make mention of that when I place my next order but i can't wait to see what they have for January. This is probably my favorite monthly treat!! 

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