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Christmas Home Tour 2014

As I mentioned last week, I changed the look of my decorating up this year to better reflect me and the design changes my house has taken on this year.  The term I've adopted for the new design feel is Rustic Glam and I'm very happy with how it has brought the house back to life.  As such, I really wanted my Christmas styling to carry this same theme.

I have definitely pared back on the Christmas décor this year.  Of course, my house is tiny so all the stuff I do have out, is jammed packed into one little space so it may not seem like it, but since everything is so restrained to rather monochromatic color palette of white, silver, gold and creams (with the slightest hint of my turquoises and teals popping up), it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

So without further delay, let's start the tour!  I started the porch, but then lost steam with all the cold weather and snow we were having and haven't quite gotten around to styling it properly, so please look past the ugly bits.  But the tree in the yard has a magnificient little light show, and the lights on the house change color so I am hoping the distract the eye.....

Plus hey, oh look at that, after 4 years, I finally got around to hanging those gorgeous snowflakes from the porch!!  Victory for me!

Anyhow, come on in!  Yes, the wreath is new... well, it's the old wreath but pared back.  The mercury glass ball lights are gorgeous and also have a little light show of their own. 

Of course, here's the top notch greeter at Casa Thibault!  She was pretty unimpressed with all the photoshoots happening around here lately so excuse the fact that she isn't sporting her signature grin.

The entry way is tiny but I've packed a lot of punch in this tiny house of mine.  Stanford the Stag is a year round fixture but I think I might need to paint the wall behind him a darker color to make him POP a bit more...
The "Joy" letters actually once spelled out Enjoy and hung in my kitchen but the dog got a hold of them and this is all that's left so they were added to the Christmas décor a few years back.  I love this simple felt snowflake garland and wish I had picked up more years ago.
The flocked white wreath was $4.79 at Michael's yesterday.  I fluffed it up, added a linen bow and called it a day.  I've never had a wreath on the powder room door before but I LOVE it!
I wasn't planning on shooting in the powder room so it wasn't sporting the right towels but I really love this little cardinal one that the ex bf (shuuuush) spotted in the neighbours garbage right after their December wedding, WITH THE TAGS ON!!!  So, whomever gifted these to my old neighbours for their wedding, THANKS!! :)  I love me some Christmas fingertip towels so there's been a different one in there every couple of days!
Back in the hall...
I hate this stupid little shelf but haven't found anything functional and small enough to fit there instead, so for now, it stays.  The lantern is always there but the candles have been swapped out to all cream,  A simple mason jar filled with metallic pine cones and a mini tree with more pinecones and bells keeps it simple.
Underneath, the woven ottoman that Greyson destroyed needs a slipcover sewn but I haven't gotten to that yet.  Instead, look at the faux bois cushion and the cute burlap stag bin that I have been using to toss my mittens, keys and everything else into when I come in the door!  I got these in a 2-pack through Avon and couldn't be happier.  I passed up on some pricer ones from Home Outfitters last year and kicked myself.  Both of these were less than the cost of one, through Avon , especially with my Rep discount!!
The only pop of color is a fun peacock wreath I have had my eyes on for the last 3 years.  I managed to snag a 50% coupon at Michaels and couldn't pass it up this year!  I added a simple length of twine and hung it on the basement door.
A look into the open Dining Space & Living Room.
This year's tree is much larger than the old one but I love it so much!!  However, the very small distinction between living room and dining space is now even less.
Oh, that tree.  I can't even tell you how much I love it.  When I made the decision to go with a flocked tree, I knew I would like it a lot.  I didn't know I would want to just take pictures of it all day long...  It's also very hard to take pictures of as the monochromatic ornaments were blending in with the snow all the time, but I got some excellent lighting for it this afternoon, so I want to share some pics of the ornaments.  I used the ball ornaments that worked with the color scheme and the sentimental/unique ones that worked but I did buy a few new ones, which I do every year.
A few years ago, I was very much of the notion that Christmas decorations needed to be "Christmasy" and very traditional.  Now, I've decided that while you still won't catch me doing a pink and purple tree with sequined shoes on it, it's more about things that make me happy.  Or things that give me a sentimental feeling when I look at them.  My tree this year is full of ethereal, whimsical, beautiful things that remind me of my friends and family, so that to me, is Christmas.


Angel wings for my two fur babies who went to be Angels this year.  Their initials are front and centre on the tree and I've added their pictures to the only 2 frame ornaments I own.  I miss them every single day and their stockings still hang on the banister.
I've mixed the special ornaments with simple (and glittered balls) that are cheapies and staples on every tree. 

The glass block presents are visible this year as no kittens are blocking their view under the tree, which I may add is sporting a gorgeous metallic linen ruffled tree skirt. 
I haven't finished or really started wrapping my presents yet, but they are getting very simple, rustic looking wrap jobs this year.  Kraft paper, twine and hand stamped tags, dressed to suit each personality.
It's very dreamy in here.  Very fluffy and white with bits of glam, but still vintage rustic things like burlap and wood.  Exactly like I was imagining, so I am very pleased with how things turned out.
The white feather wreaths were a super simple DIY that I will share tomorrow, but I absolutely love them.

I've already shared my Christmas mantel a few weeks back when I shared my  
Most of what is up there is there all the time but the bark reindeer is from Michaels.  The mercury glass lights are Target and I am glad I found them boxing day sales last year as they do not seem to have them this year.

This bark reindeer is one of my new favorites!  He was a Michael's find and I even like his fur scarf - very regal.  I seem to have quite a few reindeer around so he was a nice addition.  I switched out the flameless candle that regularly hangs out.  I never burn my Christmas candles, but rather use them again and again every year.  Plus, every few years when I change up my décor, it's nice to have candles that work!
On either side of the fireplace, the storage units each have a tray on top with a lamp and one of these silver candelabra reindeer.

I've never really had Christmas or winter pillows on my sofa before as I usually keep the same ones out year round, but this year I thought about buying some.  The "Let's Stay Home" was an Indigo find and the little beaded snowflake one was also Michaels. I love the touches of metallic plus like that I can keep them out longer than just Christmas time.  The sofa has some faux fur but I am also looking for nice cable knit and a stag head print as well!!
The coffee table is a collection of some of my favorite things.  I started collecting modern snow globes last year and plan on adding a new addition every year.  I think they look nice and fantasy-like paired with the feather tree.
On the other side, I created this little winter bird cloche vignette.  I got the cloche and silver birds at Coscto, but they came on a greyish ceramic base that just wasn't quite the right fit, so I swapped it out by adding a wood log slice.  The only thing I am not keen on, is the colored accent on the holly.  I will most likely try and paint it out in the future.
The dining table isn't set yet for Christmas dinner so the table is pretty simple.  I've kept the same burlap runner since the fall, but I added a pretty cake dome with wood base and a few gold-toned mercury glass votive holder from Michaels.  I also picked up one of the Target bottle brush trees and just happened to unpack it here and so there it sits...
Since I had put the Advent calendar on the mantel this year, I moved the stockings to the stair railing (which is probably a good idea since the fireplace was melting the chocolates and beauty products inside!)
The top and bottom embroidered silk and faux fur stockings were made by me a few years ago.  The monogrammed ones were the cats' and found at Target last year.  They will always hold a special place in my heart so I will find a place for them. 
I've added a little greeting to the frame wall and hung it from a fun hook!
A simple wreath on the full length mirror, and that's it!  I love the look coming down the stairs.
Upstairs, I decided to put a tree in my bedroom for the first time ever this year.  I've always loved the look of a lit tree in the front window and since my only front windows are upstairs, I'm lucky I have the space.  Since I had a desire for a flocked tree for downstairs, this worked out perfectly.  I never noticed how small the tree was when it was downstairs, but up here it seems super short and small!  I kept the same blue and silver theme which suits the bedroom nicely.

It's actually been super lovely having a tree in my room and there's nothing like laying in bed with all the lights twinkling!
(yes, I am missing a headboard.... I'm deciding on fabric still so please excuse that design faux-pas!)

I added a plush white throw at the foot of the bed and I am not the only one who seems to love it!!

At the end of the hall, I added a simple little pink feather tree to the little table.  It's not very Christmasy in pink, but I like it nonetheless.

Another sweet little addition is the little white poinsettia in a Mason jar in the guest bath. 

But back downstairs, here are a few more of my fave pics!

There's nothing better than a house all lit up at night time!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour.  Thanks for stopping by!


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