Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Bee & Willow Home

Guys, have you seen the new  Bee & Willow Home collection at Bed Bath & Beyond?   I happened to be in the store a couple weeks ago looking for drapes and happened to notice this beautiful new linen.

Full of vintage looking, slightly rustic farmhouse-esque pieces, I pretty much wanted to pick up one of everything, even stuff not in the colours I use in my home. Full of rustic white, cream, greys and soft blues, the palette is subdued and looks like your favorite linens that have been washed 100 times for optimal softness.   The furniture has a farmhouse vibe- a mix of worn wooden finishes, iron finishes.  Exactly what you’d find in a farmhouse in the South of France!

With linens, home decor items, dishes, rugs. Drapery, candles and furniture, it’s all a dream!  I found it fairly well-priced, with the furniture being a little on the high-end.  I’d have to see the pieces in person though to see if the quality warrants the prices as I didn’t see any furniture in my store, just online. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

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