Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stairway to Heaven... or at least a pretty place!

So last year, I slowly started putting together my collection of ornate white frames in the stairway.  The collection actually morphed from being all frames to half frames, half mirrors as people started buying me pieces for my Birthday, etc.

However I sort of stalled with the project after the last piece - the Ikea Ung Drill mirror. After I got that bad boy sprayed white (which they now carry it in... sigh), I went to hang it and realized that: a.) There is not a lot of room for a ladder on the landing  b.) I am a bit too short to get it up to the height I want and c.) I am not entirely confident in my skills with a drill
So, until I can find a taller friend who is, to give me a hand, she'll be sitting where she is. 
(Hint, hint, if you are reading this Ryan, this is my official request....  ;)  )
But I also need to get some more frames (hopefully some larger pieces as well) and get this collection growing again.  Here are a few new options that I will be picking up in the next little while:
I'm not interested in the collage part, just the frame!
Anyone else know some great places where I can find similar frames/mirrors?
I'd love to fill the whole wall!
I'm open to suggestions! 

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