Friday, September 28, 2012

Global Inspired Dining Nook

I'm back!  I took on a little part-time contract work as well as picked up a few extra shifts helping with setting up some showhome (since we have 10 opening in 2 months) right when we got back from vacation. 

I've obviously been ridiculously busy and am just now able to grab a few minutes here and there.  But unfortunately, my computer is broken again so need to send it in.  

I did however want to share an "in-progress" shot as we were staging the Global Inspired house.  The art isn't hung and the window treatments hadn't arrived and there are baskets sitting on the sideboard waiting for a home, but for the most part it's there.  Excuse the poor quality of the phone shot, I didn't plan to share, I was just shot so I could reference later.

My favorite thing about this space?  The silvery velvet dining chairs and of course, the centerpiece, created by me!  A simple bronze honeycomb vase with a few faux cherry blossom branches and some curly wood sticks!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful story about your mother and her road to recovery.