Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Bathroom

The other day at work, I helped our interior designer source some photos of all white bathrooms in order to win an argument and came across THIS BEAUTY:

Unfortunately, in our rush to meet a deadline, I saved the photo incorrectly on my work computer and somehow wasn't able to trace the image back.
If anyone knows the source of this image, could you please let me know so that not only can I properly credit it, but also get some more information on the cherry blossoms!!

Loving me some all white bathroom!


Robin'sNest said...

It is Jennifer Worts Design. The link to the photo on the Decor pad site is below.

Anonymous said...

You probably got it from decorpad:

In any case, this page gives you the designer's name.

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

This bathroom glorifies the saying, “Simplicity is beauty.” The whole room is fairly symmetrical, which is great for relaxing because you don’t have to confuse yourself with visual elements. Oh, and that wallpaper is an absolute delight!