Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Real Life Round Here

Things have been a little crazy the last little while. It's been almost 4 months since I have been without full-time employment and while I'm digging the whole (mostly) setting my own hours routine, I know it's prob time to get back to it and find some permanent employment.  Of course, I have been working at the store and doing temporary contract work to tide me over until the right thing comes along! 

The weather round these parts has been amazing as of late-  we only just started getting rain last week!   While I haven't yet purchased any new plants for the garden (the downfall of not working f/t is not having as much disposable income), I have been working on the yard and making sure that all my perennials are in tip-top shape. To be fair though, May long weekend (this past weekend) is usually the first nice weekend where we start planting in Edmonton, so I don't actually feel behind. In fact, I feel almost a month ahead! 

Anyhow, I have been working on lots around the house and yard so have some blog posts in the works, but here's what I've been up to lately! 

A little peek at a corner of the garden a couple weeks back.... It's already so much more full! 

Spray painting a few things to make them work better with my decor! 

Eating dinners on the deck with this beauty.... Hahahah she just happened to close her eyes I guess! 
I have to say, I'm gonna feel bad about leaving this one when I do go back to work! 

Pops of turquoise perk up the front porch!  Did I mention I spent almost 2 weeks tearing apart the house looking for that Flamingo cushion? I'd resigned myself to the fact that perhaps it was stolen last year and I hadn't noticed, when I remembered where it was! 

Hope your enjoying your Spring so far! 

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